devilish deception

If you took an entire bucket of cool, crystal-clear water and added one small drop of poison, you would create a very potent deception. The water would still look refreshing and satisfying to anyone who was thirsty. If an unsuspecting person drank from the water, they would die a victim of deception.  If you took this scenario a step further, depending on what type of poison was used, the victim probably would not know they were dying or what was killing them.

This is an example of a perfect devilish deception that

ends in death.

The writings found in the caves at Qumran are the drop of poison added to the holy writings that brought death and destruction to ancient Israel. False prophecies and additional laws written by exiled priests blinded and deceived Jacob’s children from 164 BC to 70 AD.

This mixing of false doctrines with the pure holy writings of the law of Moses brought about the curse of Nadab and Abihu to the entire nation.


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I lovingly dedicate this book to my beautiful wife, Darlene Walker Schlicher. Her faith and patience in my work has sustained me these many years.

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